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Agriculture, Environment & Water Resources



The Department of Agriculture, Environment and Water Resources has among others, a strategic objective of implementing the ECOWAS Agricultural Policy (ECOWAP) with a view to meeting the food demand of the population consistently while ensuring economic and social development and poverty reduction in Member States.

In the desire to realise regional goal of food security, the specific objectives has been outlined to include:

Steering the coordinated implementation of the regional agricultural policy and conducting regional and international negotiations in the sector;

Coordinating the implementation of the National Agricultural Investment Programmes (NAIPs);

Coordinating the implementation of the Regional Agricultural Investment Programme (RAIP), and stimulating and supervising the implementation of the regional mobilisation and federative programmes arising therefrom;

Contributing to the formulation of directives for public policy reforms (agricultural management instruments or tools at regional level, the harmonisation and convergence of national policies and regulations);

Conducting the monitoring/evaluation of the Common Agricultural Policy and its related programmes and instruments



With the adoption of the ECOWAS Agricultural Policy (ECOWAP), the formulation and adoption of fifteen (15) National Agricultural Investment Programmes (NAIPs) and the Rural Agricultural Investment Programme (RAIP), the activities of the Directorate of Agriculture and Rural Development are centred on four recruitment programmes.

These are: The promotion of strategic products for food security and sovereignty, creation of an enabling global environment for regional agricultural development, reducing food vulnerability and promoting sustainable access to food, as well as Governance, coordination, and monitoring which also includes the evaluation of the implementation of ECOWAP as adopted by Decision A/DEC./01/05.

The promotion of strategic products for food security and sovereignty has been one of the major accomplishments of the entire Department. Added to this however is the development and adoption of a Regional Support Programme for Agricultural and Pastoral Intensification in West Africa

And there are quite some others which include the:

Development and adoption of a «Regional Development Programme for milk and meat value chains in West Africa»;

Development and adoption of a «Regional Offensive for the Development of Rice Production in West Africa»;

Adoption and implementation of a Regional Action Plan for Biotechnology and Biosecurity;

Adoption of the ECOWAS Action Plan for Livestock Transformation in West Africa;

Adoption of an Action Plan for the development of fisheries and aquaculture;

Adoption of the Action Plan for Epidemiological surveillance and the fight against Avian Influenza;

Formulation of a regional Action Plan to review the recommendations on agricultural fertilisation.

Over the period, the Department has been promoting an enabling environment for regional agricultural development. In this regard, there is now a draft directive on Land and Formulation of a Regional Land Observatory in West Africa, while the implementations of Seed, Fertiliser, and Pesticide regulation have been adopted.

Also now adopted are rules of sanitary and phyto-sanitary standards, of veterinary medicine, etc.

To provide support for all of these is the implementation of the ECOWAS Regional Agricultural Information System (ECOAGRIS) as already adopted



Thanks to the implementation of the vision programme, we now have an improved allocation of national public funds to the agriculture sector while there is equally a Joint programming framework for financing the agriculture sector in fifteen ECOWAS Member States.

There is also enhanced investments coherence for the development of the sector while the effects of an improved coordination of development partners’ efforts can be felt in the increased activities in the sector.

The coordination and governance of improved agricultural interventions and policies is, among others, combining with the presence of  additional funds for the populations’ activities, as west Africa wakes up to the realities of increase in development projects.

Also see Directorate of Agriculture


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