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Office of the Vice President


The Vice President the ECOWAS Commission deputises for the President of the Commission. With a four-year mandate, the Vice President is charged with the responsibility of ensuring a functional, seamless running of the Commission in the absence of the President. He also assists and supports the President in the duties relating to the broad mandate of ECOWAS.

The Office of the Vice President enhances and coordinates technical issues and other routine business by a supervision of a number of Units essential to the management of the ECOWAS Commission.

Being charged with the ordering of the Community’s Programmes, the Vice President’s Office is responsible for their coordination, monitoring and evaluation including relations between the Commission and other ECOWAS institutions.

The three Units that make up the Cabinet of the Vice President are:

  • Monitoring-Evaluation.
  • Strategic Planning. And;
  • Relations with other ECOWAS Institutions.These different units owe their existence and justification to the road map prescribed to the ECOWAS Commission for the realisation of the objectives of regional integration and development through notably, but not limited to the operationalization of Vision 2020 programme of moving from an ECOWAS of States to an ECOWAS of the People.
  • The Vice President assumes any other responsibility beyond his specific functions, which may be delegated to him by the President of the Commission.

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