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Community Parliament


The ECOWAS Parliament came into force in 2006, as the Assembly of the peoples of the Community. To that extent, members of the Parliament are deemed to be made up of representatives of all persons of the community in a common body of transnational lawmakers.

Through its instruments, regional parliamentarians are charged with enacting uniform laws and exigent statutes which should help in the creation of a borderless, peaceful, prosperous and cohesive region built on good governance.

As the integration efforts of the community continue to deepen, products of the robust debates of the Parliament are expected to help bring about a region where people have the capacity to access and harness the enormous resources in their disposal, through the creation of opportunities for sustainable development.

Following an experts Committee Meeting in May 2014 in Accra, Ghana, the ECOWAS Parliament now has a Supplementary Act which substantially enhances the powers of the regional legislative Assembly.

The restructuring of the ECOWAS Parliament is designed to make it more efficient by providing it with relevant managerial support

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